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Sunset Bar

Three Kings Sprits - Our Story 

We are proud to be a local company out of Stony Plain, Alberta. Each of us sharing an interest in tequila either at home, the lake or on vacation in Mexico, coming up with the idea of bringing a quality tequila that is flavoured into our local market. Our focus, which is especially on quality, is to help share the taste of tequila without the negative experience most of us have had with trying tequila for the first time. We have partnered with a distillery to bring the concept of flavoured tequila, available in six flavours, to Alberta that met our expectation of quality, while being able to introduce the concept of a flavoured tequila. We also offer 2 award winning premium non-flavoured tequilas, Blanco and a Reposado.  Both are ideal for sipping or cocktails, and are loved by tequila drinkers around the world.

We are a home-grown company and proud to be local. Please follow us on our journey with Facebook and Instagram as we pass on our passion for spirits and our love for tequila!

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